Romans 15:4-6, 13

"For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

little blessings

God truly did bless us with children, didn't He?

This summer, I am spending most of my time babysitting. I babysit for four different families. It comes out to a total of 10 kids this summer. They are all absolutely adorable (I haven't met 2 but I'm convinced they are) and such little blessings. Huge, actually, but they themselves are little.

Today I worked with a little boy named Brayden who was absolutely wonderful. He likes to play and talk and just have fun! He showed me how fast he can go on his tricycle as well as on his scooter. He hid behind me when we had a water fight. He showed me all his Star Wars toys. Also, he told me a scene by scene synopsis of Peter Pan. This kid was awesome.

His older brother Kyle is a blast, also. Kyle started the water fight with his friend Luke; Kyle also finished the water fight once I was thoroughly soaked (because I didn't have a water gun).

All in all, it was an awesome afternoon. Brayden sat down with me to eat his snack and told me which was his favorite, what color it was, and that the ground is dirty. Really, could you ask for more?

Don't ever take people for granted. Even when they're older and can be big pains (sometimes), they are blessings. Children capture God's playful side best as far as I'm concerned. I definitely saw that in 5 little boys today. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

my thoughts thus far

So summer started last Monday for me. Back in high school I remember it started on the same day for everyone...not so any longer. This is college. haha. Anyway, I digress.

In the few days after school ended, I did many check outs, said good-bye to many friends, and began the (unnecessarily) long process of packing up my room.

And here I am. Still packing. Right now, however, I am at work. Yes, work. I officially have two jobs: babysitting three wonderful kids and "managing" the computer lab at my school. Fun times for sure!

I have adored "my" kids so far and I find the time at the computer lab to be a mix of the dull Saturdays and the hectic weekdays. It's a nice blend, really.

This summer I have a lot going on...

1) working as much as possible for the next 7 weeks.
2) taking a trip to Southeast Asia for 3 weeks.
3) NOT getting to visit family much.
4) visiting the Johnstones.
5) working as much as possible for the two weeks after I'm back from SE Asia.
6) Begin RA training.
7) Helping run NSO (New Student Orientation) in the fall.

I will probably see my family for a total of 5 full days this summer. Man, and I thought a few weeks with them wasn't much!

This summer is going to be a huge time of growth; I have no doubt. God is going to pull me, stretch me, and push me as much as I can take. At least, in all honesty, that's what I hope for. I want to grow. I want to learn more of Him. I want to use this summer as a time to really know my God.

I have a list of about 30 books to read this summer. I have doubts about accomplishing all of that goal, but a majority should be possible. I love to read and at least one of my jobs provides the opportunity to read quite a bit.

Currently sitting on my desk here at work are "Cultureshock!" and "The Princess Bride." I am hoping most of all to read "City of God" by St. Augustine this summer. It is by far my longest book. However, there is someone at my church also hoping to read this book during summer, as well. Maybe it can be a joint effort, an encouraging task, something actually fun despite the length.

See, my true love lies in philosophy. The more I get into these college years, the more I realize how much my heart longs to study it more and more. The love of knowledge. That truly describes my....well, I can't quite think of how I want to finish that sentence.

Anyway, philosophy is my side-reading. Rest assured that no matter where I am, I probably have a book by St. Augustine within arm's length. If not, it's probably just because I am taking a short respite. For awhile I wondered if I had gotten myself into the wrong major. Then I realized: No. Philosophy can be something I study and learn each and every day while psychology is giving me the tools I need to accomplish some of my goals in life. I don't need a degree in philosophy to learn all I want to learn of it.

On a sidenote: I am really missing some of my friends. Charity and Ruth especially. It's weird being in an (almost) empty cottage. Danie has been living with me while getting things settled to be a summer RA. But aside from Danie, and heaven knows our schedules are opposite, I am alone. I am glad we have gotten this time the last week though.

Music has become an even larger part of my life since finals week started. Whenever I have pressure going on all around me, music seems to be the answer. Then it just carries over for the next couple months. I probably won't be seen without my iPod close by this summer.

God is faithful. He always provides what you need. I have been thinking of this as we have been fundraising, etc. for our trip this summer.

Speaking of our trip...only 7 weeks left!!! I can hardly believe it. It is coming all too soon. I remember signing up last November and feeling like it was a lifetime away. Hmm. Time really does move so quickly. Especially when so much is going on.

Ever notice that spring semester moves by MUCH quicker than fall? I have noticed that during both of my years here. Strange. Anyway, those are my thoughts. More to come, I'm sure.